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1. Respect
As a general rule for the community whether on irc, the forum, comments, etc please respect other users.

2. Downloading / Uploading
Our download database (FTP server) contains personal files/scripts/programs as well as loads of other files. Priviledged members may be allowed to upload stuff theirselves, we are NOT responsible for the content of our database as other people can upload too.

3. Stealing
As we wouldn't like to have our work stolen by others (see #7. copyright), it's obvious we don't allow it ourselves. If you post content, or for any of our developers, use code, scripts, make sure you acknowledge the originial owners.

4. Accounts
It's not allowed to make more accounts. If you want your account name changed, specify a valid raison in a personal message to one of our administrators.

5. Forum
Don't spam on our forums, try to post in the correct subforum / category, watch your language and use the forum search function to look for answers before you post help questions.
You may be (temp/perma) banned if you're caught breaking these rules regularly!

6. Join crew / modteam
Can I become a member of the LP crew or modteam?
No, you can't apply to become a crew member or moderator. When we need people we'll contact members of which we think they've the correct attitude, knowledge and are active members, basically those which we think of they'll do a good job. For specific applications which requires coding knowledge, for example for the L2 project, we'll open up and announce special applications forms.
Don't feel sorry if you can't join the team (yet), you, all of the members are the ones which make up our community!

7. Copyright
This site is under the protection of international copyright rules. All rights reserved.

To quit the legal talking and say this in normal words; it's not your work, so don't claim it. Just acknowledge somewhere that it's our work, you can do whatever the heck you like with it although it may not be meant to be used that way. If you want to memorise the content of this site and chant it out word for word like a mantra then sure, go on. If you want to print it out, roll it up and stick it in your most intimate body cavities then... sure, be my guest. But for all other uses please take a moment to inform us and link to us as the respectful creators.

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