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Joined by a common interest in developing and programming, the Logical Project staff started this site as a portal to keep track of all our development snippets and help each other out with various software related problems.

Soon we attracted a community of involved and interested people and created several subsections to improve all around organisation of all the projects. More and more areas of expertise were being discovered by our developers as new people joined in.

What started with web development soon evolved in a broad range of projects where we either worked on ourselves or supported. From running game servers, maintaining and developing private mmorpg servers, creating various scripts and programs, solving site security issues, OS testing,... to rendering and coding 3d environments, we've seen and done it.

A strong desire to understand, design and learn keeps us motivated to finish what we started as also think about the realisation of new ideas every so often! Although developing (and learning in general) can sometimes be frustrating and time-consuming, it's also fantastic to reap the rewards of hard work. Hard won experience gave us the knowledge, and as a general believed quote says; "Knowledge is power".

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