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Security leak resolved, 22 Mar 2006

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> Logical L2 server
> Logical web server
> Logical FTP server

Date: Wednesday June 12th


> L2 Chronicle 3: Rise of Darkness
> Logical Project FTP server
> FTP mp3, dvd database
> Server box configuration
> OS testing (Mandrake/Fedora/WinXP

> L2 Installation guide
> IRC HowTo
> Linux Wireless tutorial
> Dual boot system linux/windows
> MySQL injection

> Welcome to the Logical Project development platform homepage. Joined by a common interest in developing and programming, the Logical Project staff started this site as a portal to keep track of all our development snippets and help each other out with various software related problems. Read More


news icon - Security leak resolved

A security leak in the site's beta Personal Message system has been discovered and reported. Although the problem has been resolved the PM system is down at the moment because we're kind of busy with other stuff. A basic non-home-home pm service will replace ours untill we get ours fully safe and working.

22 Mar 2006 by DiaLogical

news icon - site streamlined

One of our subsites has been redesigned using Joomla Open Source, previously known as Mambo, and it looks very nice with cms!
We might implement it on some of our other sites too.

Special thanks go out to Xenior for his help with streamlining a brandnew cms and ofcourse!

22 Mar 2006 by DiaLogical

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