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Xbox 360 gamercards, 27 Mar 2006
Personal rss feeds, 22 Mar 2006
Logical Project revised, 22 Mar 2006
Problem newssystem resolved, 22 Mar 2006
Always looking for more devs, 22 Mar 2006
Security leak resolved, 22 Mar 2006

  Server status
> Logical L2 server
> Logical web server
> Logical FTP server

Date: Saturday June 10th


> L2 Chronicle 3: Rise of Darkness
> Logical Project FTP server
> FTP mp3, dvd database
> Server box configuration
> OS testing (Mandrake/Fedora/WinXP

> L2 Installation guide
> IRC HowTo
> Linux Wireless tutorial
> Dual boot system linux/windows
> MySQL injection

> Welcome to the Logical Project development platform homepage. Joined by a common interest in developing and programming, the Logical Project staff started this site as a portal to keep track of all our development snippets and help each other out with various software related problems. Read More


news icon - Xbox 360 gamercards

As quite some members are also active on xbox live, I brought the idea up of making a gamercard page on the site to check on others. The staff voted in favor of this and DiaLogical implemented it into the site.

Note: only Logical Project developers who've an xbox 360 and are active on live can add their gamercardtags to that page, not regular members. See the dev fora, an option has been included in your user panel to upload your tagsID's.
If the idea of creating an LP 360 clan comes through their will be a subproject clansite which will show all members' respective gamercards.

27 Mar 2006 by Jaded

news icon - Personal rss feeds

We've developed a personal rss system which allows users to see a summary of the news from the sources they want.
Status is 'Beta' now so testing is still going on and bugs may be reported.
For people not familiar with rss feeds, it stands for Really Simple Syndication and was designed as a means to publish news to a broad range of interested ppl. It lets you see the news feed from a lot of rss supporting sites on another page. For more info; Google is still your best friend.
Follow the guidelines on your Personal Configuration section after you logged in to set up your rss feeds.

Need help, want to report bugs? Mail us at

22 Mar 2006 by DiaLogical

news icon - Logical Project revised

After being offline some time due to technical issues and an internal reorganisation the Logical Project portal and it's staff is back with new goals to achieve!
A brand new serverbox will be used to provide hosting for our site and projects starting in a few months max. Untill then the site is hosted at linuxhosting services, although our server will still continue to operate running our development services and ftp serv.

As for the current orientation of the Logical Project, we decided we should stay focused on the Development Platform areas. Offering services to a broader public requires a lot of organising and technical means which limited our actual development time severly.
Attracting and selecting proper people to fill in there should help counter that problem and keep our devs from handling these problems. And with the new serverbox coming up the technical issues should be dealt with too.

22 Mar 2006 by DiaLogical

news icon - Problem newssystem resolved

The site has recovered from a crash due to an error in the newssystem. This luckily only corrupted 5 news items and our auto back-up system seems to be working properly as we could recover them easily.
The dates of these 5 may not be totally accurate, but that doesn't really do harm and no one cares about that I guess.

22 Mar 2006 by DiaLogical

news icon - Always looking for more devs

The Logical Project Development Plaftorm is always looking for experienced and dedicated volunteers who want to share their knowledge in creating new stuff.
At the moment we're specifically looking for people with experience in the following fields:

  • Perl
  • 3dsmax

If you want to know more about some of the working-lvl project, leave a msg on either irc or email.

22 Mar 2006 by DiaLogical

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